The building and displays are an attempt to preserve the ethnic traditions of our local Czech ancestors and to memorialize them and their way of life.
This is the reason a lot of Czech sayings, prayers, verses etc. appear in the
displays; so that they wouldn’t be lost forever when the older generations die.

Czech building

Česka Radnice (chez-kah rahd-ni-tseh) means Czech townhall (On front of building)

Vítáme Vás (vee-tah-may vash) above entry doorway, means “we welcome you”

About The Museum

The exterior of the building was modeled after a home in Bohemia. (no particular person’s)

(The photo was found on the internet at a Czech travel web site.)

The building was built entirely from donations made by local (and those who may have moved away) descendents of the original Czech pioneers that settled here. Donations were either in cash or, in the case of tradesmen that worked on the building, labor and or materials. There is no debt on the building other than utilities & operating expenses. Local tradesmen of Czech descent were hired for the construction phase whenever possible. Donations of $100 or more are recognized on the “Memorial Board”.

The building phase began in the spring of 2002 after an intensive donation drive during 2001 to collect the necessary funds. Bake sales, “chicken noodle soup” feeds, mailings and word-of-mouth were all used to encourage donations. (and it worked!!)